11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

If there’s one question that everyone asks which needs a pressing answer, it is, “How to live a happy life?” or “What is the secret to a happy life?”. Frankly speaking, there is no correct answer to this question. There is no secret ingredient in the recipe of life that would guarantee taste or success. Go further to know 11 Buddha Teachings on How to live happy Life.

What is a Happy life for you?

There are only life and the choices we decide to make, which becomes a new recipe of its own for everyone. But every once in awhile, when the choices are confusing, we can take a look around at the lives lived and being lived to bring some clarity into our own.

If not the secret ingredient, this does help with the 11 buddha teaching to live a happy method of making the recipe turning into a rendition of success.

Since there is no right way of going about it, there is also scope to learn and know more. On this note of positivity, the teachings of Buddha can be learned so as to serve the purpose of determining the tricks to a happy life. The seemingly simple 11 Buddha Teachings of Buddha, very much relevant and relatable to all in any phase of life is truly the ‘enlightenment’ we all need to make our lives a happy one. 

What is the 11 Best way to live a Happy and Successful life?

Below, you can check 11 best teachings to live happy life.

1. Positive thoughts

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

Our thoughts, to a large extent, define what and who we are. It represents the way we function in everyday life. These thoughts, therefore, play a significant role in the course of action we choose to take, the decisions and choices we make. It is essential that we think of positive and happy things and surrounds ourselves with positive vibrations. Such an environment induces a sense of happiness and keeps us away from

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dwelling in thoughts and feelings that would send us down a spiral. It also makes for a conducive environment to be more productive and helpful. These positive thoughts will ensure clarity sustains in life, which in turn would help navigate life better.

2. Reign in your thoughts

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

Often times, it is our thoughts that lead to everywhere. To have control over our thoughts is very essential. Our thoughts can turn out to be the worst enemy if they are not controlled and channeled properly. All our thoughts need to be carefully curated so that it does not affect our well-being. More importantly, we need to be in control of what we think rather than letting the thoughts overpower us and start dictating our actions. 

3. Remove negativity

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

One of the most easily acquired thoughts and feelings is negative such as anger, meanness, sorrow, etc. At the same time, they are the most difficult to shed or get rid of. Allowing the negative thoughts and vibrations take over is to allow the wrong person to take the steering wheel. This not only causes harm to oneself but also others. To be able to forgive and overcome the anger or the initial pang of negativity is a complicated process but not impossible.

4. Forgiveness a key tool

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

A humungous task that everyone battles with are to learn the art of forgiveness. Forgiveness is an extremely powerful tool that is never used as much as it should. Numerous problems would be solved or made easier if forgiveness could be achieved.

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While being able to forgive others is a difficult thing to do, it is even more of a task to forgive oneself. But we must let go of our ego and anger and forgive everyone. Forgiveness is an act of liberation from the burden that we have been carrying with us, which has been dragging us down and finally gives us a sense of peace.

5. Love the antidote

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

This universal emotion needs no introduction. It is what sustains all living beings. It is also the universal remedy to all problems. Rather than spreading negativity and hatred, forgiveness and love could make all the difference. Being a good person, nice to everyone around, and spreading love is a more natural process than to hold onto a particular incident and refusing to let it go.

It allows us to become better people and enables us to stay in control of our actions. 

6. Avoid fights

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

There is no point in engaging in fights with others or ourselves over things that are fleeting and temporary. Its pettiness lies in the fact that it is a passing matter and has no significance in the longer run. There is hence no point in wasting energy over fights and disagreements. Resentment, revenge, bitterness is not worth the conflicts or pain we put ourselves through. 

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7. Wait before you judge

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

One of the most instinctive and involuntary actions that we as human beings do is to judge others. Without any relevant or complete information about anyone or anything, we form an opinion, a bias, and pass judgment for the same, which is invalid owing to our lack of knowledge.

Always take a moment to get to know the situation better before jumping to conclusions. This will make it easier to arrive at the truth.

8. Gain perspective

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

In a world where communication is becoming a gap in spite of all the advanced technologies that we have, even the slightest misunderstanding can cause a lot of problems.

It is thus necessary that we put ourselves in place of others and try to think from their perspective. This will not only clear the matter at hand but also provide a fresh view of the world to us. This helps gain wisdom and experience, allowing us to deal with our problems better.

9. Find your own balance

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

Just like there is no universal key to happiness, there is no universal ‘balance’ that everyone can achieve. There is no ideal way of living, which applies to all. The sheer differences that exist do not allow an ideal.

Once this has been realized, all one has to do is to figure out the ‘balance’ which suits their needs and requirements. Do not compare it with those of others and focus on providing comfort to yourself. 

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10. Live in the present

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

The fast-paced life that everyone is leading in today’s times tends to make us focus on the future more than the present. We ignore everything that’s happening around us and miss out on actually experiencing life. In our race to the future, we forget to appreciate what we already have and the present that we are gifted with.

Slowing down once in a while to take a deep breath and live life as and when it comes rather than devising a battle strategy to tackle it best, would be a definite start to an 11 Buddha Teachings to happy life.

11. Travel everywhere

11 Buddha Teachings- How to Live Happy Life?

Life is not about following a particular formula to arrive at the right solution at the end of it. It is the journey we undertake while planning it out. This journey of 11 Buddha Teachings on life has a lot to offer, which cannot be experienced cooped up in one place.

It is essential that we get out there and expose ourselves to everything that exists so as to be able to appreciate life in all its forms and facets. And to go out there does not mean to travel abroad, it could simply mean to observe, understand, and appreciate our own surroundings in a new light. 

Incorporating even a few of these 11 Buddha Teachings to Live Happy Life teaching in your lives could make all the difference that you were waiting for!

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