How to drain your Toilet seat in 5 mins?

The first thing you must do in this process is to turn off the water supply which is the best safety measure. The main water supply valve is usually placed in the basement of your home. Go further to know How to drain your Toilet seat in 5 minutes.

You can turn off the water in the bathroom; the first thing you need to check is that if the valve is functioning properly. If the toilet tank does not fill with water after flushing the toilet, you can be sure that you have turned the water supply.

Once you turned the water supply off, you can start emptying the toilet tank. Depending on the method of flushing the toilet, flush the water by pressing or pulling the lever.

You see that there is still some water left. This is common because the system does not allow all water to be discharged. However, you need to dry it thoroughly, which means it’s time to sponging.

  • Grab a sponge
  • Take out the water thoroughly
  • Take the sponge out after each soaking
  • Squeeze all the water
  • Repeat it until the tank is empty

If your toilet is clogged and your draining is not working properly, it is better to skip draining until the problem solves. If you flush the water in this situation, you may face the overflow of wastewater. In such a case, it is necessary to unclog the toilet first.

Let’s find out some more ways to know how to drain a toilet for cleaning:

Best ways to drain a toilet

1.   Plunge the toilet

The use of a toilet plunger is one of the fast and smooth ways to dry the bowl.

  • Place it down in the toilet opening
  • Push the water down the toilet by using an up-and-down motion
  • Repeat it until most of the water goes down into the drain and leave the bowl empty

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You can also use a bucket to pour water into the toilet bowl. In this way, a large amount of water from the toilet will go down the drain and all that remains is to flush the rest of the liquid with a plunger.

2.   ‘Siphon the water’ method

This is one of the old methods to pour liquid from one container to another. Following is the procedure:

  • Put on the rubber gloves
  • Get ready a bucket and a hose
  • The hose should be long enough to dip into the toilet and bucket
  • Put some water in the bucket
  • Remember that the level of the water in the bucket must be lower than the one in the toilet
  • Pour water in the hose and block both ends by fingers
  • Sink one end into the toilet and the other end into the bucket
  • Once both ends of the hose are into the water, remove the fingers from them
  • Hence, water will start draining from the toilet to the bucket

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The process continues until the level of the water in the bucket is lower than the level in the bowl.

3.   Vacuum the water out

You will need a Wet Vac to perform this technique; it is a special vacuum cleaner to vacuum water. Make sure not to use a regular vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

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When you choose the Wet Vac cleaner method, you should pay attention to the size of the Wet Vac tank. How much water is enough, you can check in the instructions of the vacuum cleaner. If the tank is too small, you will need to vacuum the toilet several times.

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Draining the toilet is no fun but there are some ways to make it as comfortable as possible. The ultimate goal is to collect the water from the bowl but you should always consider emergencies.

So, it is recommended to get ready some old towels to handle any unwanted water on the bathroom surface.

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