9 Best Laughing Buddha Statue for Home decor 2023

Laughing Buddha Decor had indeed said to have the ability to bring happiness, good luck, and wealth in a person’s life. It gives when you wish anything, let it be wealth, contentment, or satisfaction. Go further to know 9 best Laughing Buddha Statue for Home decor 2023.

How to design laughing Buddha?

The ordinary laughing Buddha is designed with a bald man with an exposed big belly and laughing. He is also mentioned as Celestial Buddha or Hotei or Pu Tai.

What is the story behind the Laughing Buddha?

The appearance makes this laughing Buddha statue of the Buddhist Zen mark. He had lived a thousand years ago, and he is called a laughing Buddha due to his contagious laugh and the look of the overexposed stomach. 

9 Best Laughing Buddha Statue for Home decor in 2023

Before coming on Best Laughing Buddha statues for 2023, I am sharing best sellers for Laughing Buddha on amazon.

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Let us see about some of the laughing Buddha statues which may serve your home in a better way in this year 2020.

1) Laughing Buddha playing with children

 This statue set is available in the game as in five in number. It indicates the forthcoming lucky time from heaven. It is also used to provide the best fortune and positive energy in people. 

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2) Laughing Buddha with bowl

The presence of pot in the hands of laughing Buddha describes the life of a monk. It is commenced with the renunciation of possessing the materials and also for the enlightenment in the person.

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3) Laughing Buddha with a fan

The presence of the fan indicates the joy and happiness of a person. It is believed that the wave from the fan in Buddha statue helps to eradicate or vanish the troubles in a person’s life.

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When the laughing Buddha is designed to have a fan in the head, it represents the enjoyment and good fortune in one’s life. If a fan is present in one hand of laughing Buddha along with bottle gourd on his other hand, it symbolizes excellent blessings and good health. 

4) Laughing Buddha with a sack or bag

 If a Buddha statue is designated with a carrying sack or purse, it indicates the traveler. In one way, it is said to believe that he collect the people’s sadness and tears in the sack. While in the other way, it is thought that he carries good luck and happiness in the bag and brings them to the people.

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 If the laughing Buddha is found to have a bag or sack on the right shoulder along with the fan on another, it indicates good luck and blessings. When the laughing Buddha is found to carry a bag with gold, it brings prosperity and wealth to the home.

5) Laughing Buddha with beads

 The presence of dots in the statue of laughing Buddha is also another form that is indicated to be a monk who is in the practice of medication. The dots symbolize the pearls of wisdom.

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6) Laughing Buddha with balls

The ball in the laughing Buddha depicts considered as the wealth ball. The ball provides wealth and prosperity in one’s life.

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7) Laughing Buddha in standing or sitting posture

 The laughing Buddha, which is found in the standing position, indicates a precious life and happiness. 

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 The laughing Buddha, while in the sitting posture, is said to have love in the family. It indicates balancing the thoughts of a person. 

8) Laughing Buddha with a Gold block

 The laughing Buddha statue, which is holding a gold block in hand in an upward direction, is said to have a lot of money and best luck.

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9) Laughing Buddha with gold nugget

This particular laughing Buddha with gold nugget in it represents good luck in life. This statue is designated as a laughing Buddha ready to give a small gold nugget while sitting and laughing on the large gold nugget. 

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Though the Laughing Buddha Decores brings various good things to our home, it should be in mind to follow the do and don’ts while placing the Buddha in your home. He is one of the respectful Buddhists, and so the statue should be treated reverently.

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