Best Living Room Floor Tiles Trends 2023

Over the years, there have been unique, durable, and stylish tile floors. They have been the vanguard of what is called the Flooring Revolution. For years, tiles were known as the affordable alternative to natural stone, whereas it was always more efficient and beautiful. Go further to know Best Living Room Floor Tiles Trends 2023.

Tiles were only a flooring staple in bathrooms, kitchens, and other water-sensitive areas. With time, tiles have become the go-to option for any kind of household flooring, thanks to its many perks. At least that is what the 21st-century tile trends suggest.

If you go back into the past and tell someone that that porcelain and ceramic tile would one day rival warm, traditional hardwood flooring, they would laugh you off. The 21st century has seen a drastic change in the buying pattern and usage of all kinds of tiles.

Over the last decade or so, the tile industry has totally taken off, wonderfully replicating the hottest wood looks and expanding into a new horizon of textures. Tiles are now offering the most convincing look and feel, and that too under a limited budget. Let us look at the best 21st-century tile trends to find out how tiles have evolved over the years.

1. Modern Mosaic Look

The mosaic never goes out of fashion, but it was at the top of its game in 2015. That year we saw a change from the usual one-by-one-inch glass mosaic tile to people moving to more artistic choices. 

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That year, pebble and natural stone mosaics were combining a costly yet nature spurred look on both floors and walls. The natural colors blended with the bizarre shape of some of these more modern tiles allowed you to devise a mosaic-style solid color backdrop that made a bold yet classic statement. It can be seen as a gateway to the start of providing a backdrop to any evolving décor style.

Instead of the glass tiles from 2014, 2015 saw the preference of light-reflecting tiles constructed of stainless or copper steel. 2015 also saw kitchens going metal from stainless steel apparatuses to copper vent hoods. 

Metal walls and backsplashes complemented this modern yet bold look while still delighting the eye with the texture and design components of tiles. Those who were too scared to go metal used small tiles to create a simple mosaic look that highlighted the design with just a few thoughtfully placed steel or copper tiles.

2. Oldschool Subway Look

Subway tiles never went out of style, but they were seen everywhere within a renewed form in 2005 with new and innovative installation patterns. Designers were casting out the old school classic offset joint design that has been around forever. 

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Old school subway tiles are still around, but, that year, they were rejuvenated by talented, creative artists with simple and minor changes. Crosshatch and the herringbone or basket weave decorations were putting a twist to the good old classic formula. It added visual and texture to the old school subways that you always loved to make interesting use of it. 

Subway patterns were not just about being unique, though. The right shift in design through the hands of designers saw people benefitting in terms of utility. Spacious, open kitchens were the new hot back then, and people were starting to lay subway tile on the diagonal. That was a quick way to make the rooms look more spacious. 

3. Wood-like Look

Wood-like tiles have been a staple in style since the beginning of the 21st century. They were regularly being updated because of the massive demand from the crowd. From the year 2000 to 2022, this trend of tile has been constant. Yes, the designs might have changed, but they were always wooden style tiles.

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Tile manufacturers developed the art of deception and illusion in the flooring market. So it’s no surprise that their contemporary natural wood appearances were just about the hottest thing on the flooring market throughout the years. Manufacturers have been able to mimic all the hottest wood flooring trends over the years with textured looks.

In 2020, the trending texture trends in both solid hardwood and wood lookalikes are distressed, wire-brushed, and hand-scraped. They are all similar and can often be confused with one another.

Each of the textured wood looks comes with its own bizarre character and style. No two textured wood planks would ever be precisely the same. Each of the three trending options that we are going to discuss has a distinguishing quality.

  • Wirebrushed wood-look tile shows the appearance of intentional, subtle wire scratches that devise the heart of the wood itself open to the facade. These imperfections of this kind of flooring are more consistent and smoother than distressed or hand-scraped wood looks.
  • Rustic, hand-scraped wood-look tiles stress the appearance of ingrained, long scrapes with a significant variation between planks. It makes each particular plank appear exceptional, handcrafted, and unique.
  • Distressed wood-look tile is frequently confused for hand-scraped looks when in reality, they are very different. Distressed looks, though, appear as if they have been over a lot of wear and tear. You can anticipate the appearance of burns, scrapes, wormholes, knots, and more. The whole package gives it an aged, antique look.

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