Best 7 Trending Hardwood Flooring for Home decor in 2023

Building a house is a mess of trade-offs between wants and needs. When you settle on that, there are always tons of options to choose from. It gets really hard if you are doing it the first time. In every house, the floor gets a lot of attention. There are a lot of choices based on material, color, and price. Hardwood flooring is not one of the most affordable options, but it’s unique and versatile.  Go further to know Best Trending Hardwood Flooring for Home. 

That’s what makes it all-times favorite. There are companies with dedicated teams for hardwood floor installation in Matthews NC. They provide quality work under reasonable price. People make serious concessions in other building aspects to save for the hardwood flooring. It pays off.

If you have chosen hardwood flooring for your new house, there is a lot of work to be done to get the best type of hardwood that makes your home look fabulous.

Here are some suggestions for Best 7 Trending Hardwood Flooring for Home decor in 2023-

1. Cherry hardwood flooring

Cherry considered to be one of the most popular choice in hardwood flooring. From several varieties, American Cherry, which is also called black cherry, is the most popular. Its distinctive red and pink color provide the versatility that hardwood flooring is most famous for.

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Typically, it’s not much rigid, but maintains its shape and form for a considerable time. It’s expensive and show signs of ageing when installed in direct sunlight area.

2. Walnut hardwood flooring

Walnut is another popular hardwood flooring option. It’s one of the most expensive type, with characteristic rich brown color and dark grains. 

It is a soft hardwood like cherry. But it has high resistance against sunlight. It can survive without damage for years in a space with year-round sunlight.

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It is also lighter which makes it easier and safer to install above ground floor without any issue.

3. Oak hardwood flooring

Another popular specie, oak gets all the attention for classic looks and old-fashioned warmth. It goes well with turn-of-the-century houses with different styles of furniture and furnishings. 

There are two types of oak hardwood flooring based on color: Red and White. Red oak is lighter and shows reddish shade. White oak is more like pale brown and comes with pink or gray shade.

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Oak is between the soft and hard hardwoods used for flooring. It can stand heavy impacts but it gets surface is prone to get scratches. It is also not very expensive choice.

4. Maple hardwood flooring

Maple hardwood is different from the lot. Its grain pattern is different, and light color and texture makes it one of the most popular hardwoods for flooring. Maple is one of the hardest hardwoods material. It can last for a long time without proper care and maintenance.

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Interestingly, it can take stains well and people spill colors to make it look like other some other hardwood. Maple is one of the most affordable hardwoods used for flooring.

5. Hickory hardwood flooring

Not many hardwoods are more rigid than hickory. This makes it appealing to households with children and pets, because it can withstand heavy impact and thuds. It has novel grain pattern and available in variety of colors. 

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It is the best option for cabin-style and rustic style home. The biggest downside to this strong hardwood is its strength. Hickory is extremely hard to cut and log, which causes in installation costs hike. In price terms, it’s a little above average.

6. Ash hardwood flooring

Where chic style is appreciated, ash is the most obvious choice for such households. Its lighter color is contrasted by wood grain shade. Its medium hardness makes it stand heavy traffic, as well as comfortable with bare feet.  

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It is an affordable hardwood, but requires a lot of cleaning and maintenance because of its color.

7. Teak hardwood flooring

This hardwood is distinctive for its durability. It can stand almost every level of domestic traffic. The most notable thing is its natural shine and finish. Many people leave it unpolished so it can age naturally.

It is also one of the types that need extra care and cleaning. It needs oiling every few years to keep the shine. Teak is an expensive type of hardwood because of deforestation and poor replantation.

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These were some hardwoods that are commonly used in flooring throughout the world. People make choices according to their needs and desires. There are many tradeoffs in them, in terms of color, durability, and level of care and maintenance they need. It is still one of the most popular flooring options because of the versatility, look and texture.

Staining is a common practice among fraudulent hardwood businesses to change the color. To buy and install hardwood flooring, contact one of the flooring contractor in Matthews NC. They are skilled in their craft and have expertise in choosing and purchasing the best hardwood for your flooring needs. 

I hope you like reading on Best Trending Hardwood Flooring for Home decor in 2023.

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