Best 18 Buddha inspired Tattoos- Top Choice 2023

Best Buddha Tattoos, besides being a symbol of fashion, also represent one’s taste and inner feelings. And these untold feelings are the ones that attract other people. In this article, we are going to talk about 18 Best Buddha Tattoos that most of the girls might love in 2020.

Not just that, we are also going to see the specialty in each tattoo that attracts women. If you are planning to impress your girlfriend with some loving tattoo on your body, and are in a dilemma to choose the right tattoo, then you better read this article till the end.


This is one of the simplest tattoos of Buddha that show the face of the Buddha in a meditating position.



This tattoo shows Buddha in deep concentration and free from all disturbances. This is an indication for one to practice and maintain peace.

2) Arm full Buddha

Arm full Buddha Tattoo


An entirely opposite tattoo of the previous one. This Buddha is surrounded by many disturbances around him. Yet he is able to maintain his concentration. The chakra on his forehead indicates the concentration he is having.

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Buddha is worshiped in the north part of India by placing his idols. This tattoo depicts that divine situation where a devotee is hugging the idol with so much love. Idol is also been drawn realistically with those cracks. I think that adds a few more colors to this tattoo.

4) Postured Buddha

Postured Buddha Tattoo


This is yet another beautiful Best Buddha Tattoos of Buddha where half of his body hides behind the beautiful lotus. The raised palm here indicates the protection of god.

5) Symbolic

Symbolic Buddha Tattoo


This tattoo looks like a pencil drawing, neat and clean, easy to erase but not. This shows Buddha in a posture where his hand depicts a yoga mudra.

6) Fully Coloured

Fully Coloured Buddha Tatoo


This is the picture of Buddha that looks colorful and vibrant. Purple is the dominating color in this tattoo.

7) Wrist Tattoo

Wrist Buddha Tattoo


This tattoo is best for the ones who likes to have it simple yet effective. Wrist is on such place that is most viewed by us and rarely by the rest. Hence this tattoo indicates the introvert nature of a person.

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8) Lotus

Lotus Buddha Tattoo


It is believed that lotus is on of the most loved flowers of lord Buddha. That is the reason why pople carry lotuses to the Buddha temple. This simple and cute lotus tattoo on the leg looks cute and is adorable as well.

9) Dotted :

Dotted Buddha Tattoo


This dotted tattoo of buddha seems like a charcoal artwork and is absolutely stunning. This is a pointillistic form of art where the entire image is tattooed in the form of dots.

10) Dragon

Dragon Buddha Tattoo


This looks like a Chinese piece of artwork where lord buddha seems coming out from the head of the dragon. It looks a bit ferocious yet is given a nice touch with flowers and leaves.

11) Universal

Universal Buddha Tattoo


This tattoo is self-explanatory. One could understand the meaning of this tattoo on seeing it keenly. Also, the explanation changes from person to person based on their imagination.

12) Abstract Painted

Abstract Painted Buddha Tattoo


This seems like a failed painting but actually is not. Because this is an abstract kind of painting that is beautifully tattooed on the body.

13) Natural Tattoo

Natural Tattoo Buddha Tattoo


This tattoo depicts the aesthetic sense of a person. This beautiful piece of art recalls the bond that man has with nature.

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14) Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha Tattoo


The famous posture of the buddha that reminds us to smile is amazing Tattoos to impress women. A day without laughter is a day wasted as it is said. This indicates the humorous side of a person.

15) Chakra Tattoo

Chakra Buddha Tattoo


The above tattoo depicts the seven chakras that are present in our bodies. Each of these chakras has a unique function and all together help in the proper functioning of our body.

16) Third Eyed Buddha

Third Eyed Buddha Tattoo


This colorful artwork shows the third eye of the buddha. People performing yoga believe that this third eye can be opened through proper meditation. This tattoo indicates one’s love for spirituality.

17) Purely meditating

Purely meditating Buddha Tattoo


This posture of Buddha is the most famous postures. It is said that this posture increases concentration levels and helps one to improve self-confidence.

18) Buddha under a tree

Buddha under a tree Tattoo


It is said that buddha gained wisdom by meditating under the tree named “Bodhi”. and this tatto here depicts exactly that. Besides style, this has something to say about history as well.

So friends that brings us to the end of the article. These are some of the tattoos of “18 Best Buddha Tattoos to impress women in 2023” that we thought are the best. Hope you have also like them and are looking forward to get on on your body.

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